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March. Re-registration of Venture Business
- Registered by Korea Technology Evaluation Guarantee Fund
- Registration No. 20070100949
April. Confirmation of Inno-Biz (Innovated Small Business)
- Approved No. 7011-1610
- Approved by : Small and Medium Business Administration
May. Conclude MOU Contract
- Name of University : Kwangwoon university
- Subject : Entrepreneurship Cultivation Program
May. Registration as a Member of Technological Innovation Association for Small
and Medium Business :
- Registration No. 20070789
July. Awarded an
by Small and Medium Business Administration
- Sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology/Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy/Ministry of Information and Communication/Ministry
of Culture and Tourism/ Small and Medium Business Administration
- Awarded Sector : Electronic Communication (Excellence)
- Date : July.18th,2007

A/V MATRIX SWITCHER / acquisition of MIC mark
    (Required certification : electromagnetic wave
    ratio is approved.)
- EMI & EMC registration
- The registration number : MMS-MMS-AV808(A)
- certificated by Radio Research Laboratory


Certificate of Trademark Registration (MDTC)
- Registration No. : 40-0687026
- List of Goods : the 9th class, Audio/Video receiver and others-7 types

Feb. The registration of utility models
- The registration number: 0376949
- The title of the invention : Analog and digital audio/video
    auto-searching and cross-switching
Mar. The registration of the venture business
- Certificated by Seoul Small and Medium Business
- Classification: Research and Development
Apr. The declaration of SI (SYSTEM INTEGRATION) software
- The registration number : 2005-00634
- Certificated by Korea Software Industry Association
    designated by Ministry of Information
Apr. The member registration of the Korea Broadcasting Technology
- The registration number : 2005-97
Jul. The moving into new office
- from the Ace-techno tower 8cah to the Ace-techno tower 9cah
- the Ace-techno tower 9cah 415ho Gasan-dong 345-30,
    Geumcheon -goo, Seoul.
Dec. The registration of trademark : INNEX
- The registration number : 0643035
- Classification : the 9th ( Audio and video receiver etc, 7 more)
Apr. Set up Max Digital Tech - Asia Distributor
Set up Max Digital Tech - Singapore Distributor
May. Set up Max Digital Tech - Thailand Distributor
Jun. Set up Max Digital Tech - China Distributor
Jul. Registered as Trading Company
(by Korea International trade Association)
Aug. Move to the new extended office building
(from Kwang Hee Bldg. to Ace Techno Tower)
Dec. Develop main Control Unit (MCU-150S)
Mar. Institute MDT Research Center in Korea Industrial Technology Association (Reg.No. 20031312)
Apr. Certified ISO-9001:2000 by DAS International Standard Certification KOREA (Certification No. : K01-920)
May. Registered a member of Korea Industrial Technology Association (Reg.No. 20030217)
May. Selected as a CLEAN Business Site (Reg.No. 20030217) by Ministry of Labor, Director of Korea Daily News, Korea Occupational Safety&Health Agency, Director of YTN Co.,Ltd.
Jul. Selected as an Excellent IT Company ( grand Prize ) for A/V control system / The Daily Sport Seoul
Dec. Obtain Golden Brand Certification as a quality service cooperation
Mar. Expand the office and Research Dept.
Apr. Obtain business licence from Ministry of Information and Communication (Reg.No. 112507)
Apr. Established Max Digital Tech Co.,Ltd.
Apr. Registered Company : Max Digital Tech Co.,Ltd
- Site : Kwanghee Bldg. 3rd Flr. 1126-1, Guro-Dong,
          Guro-Gu, Seoul,Korea
- Type of Business : Manufacturing, Whole Sales, Service
- Business Item : Manufacturing wire/wireless Communication
          Devices, CCTV, CATV, Broadcasting Equipment,
          Developing & Marketing SW.
May. Registered manufacturing factory for broadcasting equipment at Guro-Gu office
Sep. Produce equipment and sale (A/V Matrix Switcher and 13 more types) to The Judicial Research and Training Institute,Pacific Satellite Industries Co., Ltd. Gangneung City Hall, Yungdungpo Ward office, Kongju national University, Masan College etc.